GUIFT GUIDE: Gentlemen

T H E   H U S B A N D : 


I know, I know. It has been a while. Moving and the new job has kept my ass BUSY. No complaints though. Especially when it has helped with our quality of life. Not to mention,  I actually get to see the light of day AND I get more quality time with my beautiful wife WAY more often. No, that is not code for naked time. ALTHOUGH, there is more time for that now too :).

     ANYWAY….on the trek back to the DFW after spending Thanksgiving in West Texas, we were going over the CACTI (our codeword for Come & Texas) calendar for December posts and she was telling me all about her ideas for gift guides, I actually jumped at the chance to lend a hand and told The Wife that I would happily help with the “dude stuff”. I think I legit shocked the shit out of her. But when we got into brainstorming I told her that when I think about what I would want I realized that there are two distinct parts of my personality. I am part the gentleman and part the outdoorsman. I felt it necessary to do my due diligence and break each part into it’s own post and that as much as I love her, I felt only I could accomplish this task. 

     So without further adieu ladies and gentledudes….here are my top gift ideas for the “gentleman” in your life. The dude who likes the finer things, occasionally appreciates a little pomp and circumstance, likes strong coffee, stronger cocktails, and quality made goods. I feel like you should know that I treated this post almost as a personal Christmas wish list (WINK, WINK HONEY!) so you know these are some top-notch, no shit, bad ass goods. So….go buy one of everything and thank me later. As always, SHOPLOCAL, #SHOPTEXAS. 


Backyard Silversmith – based out of Abbot

Boyd’s of Texas – based out of San Antonio

District Roasters – based out of Houston

Hemlock & Heather – based out of Austin

Liber & Co – based out of Austin

Odin Leather – based out of Coppell 

Paris Texas Apparel Co. – based out of Houston

Sawdust & Embers – based out of Garland 

Wild Standard – based out of Austin

*PHOTO CREDIT: All photos taken directly from shop website and/or social media. 


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