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REVIEW: Hungry Wolf Beard Company


Today we are happily (re)introducing Hungry Wolf Beard Company based out of Bastrop, Texas. We stumbled upon this great new company during a search for our May InstaFinds. As soon as we saw the banner at the top of their Insta stating they are the “unofficial OFFICIAL” beard company of the Texas music scene we knew we had to get in on the action. If you haven’t seen them before, here is a little bit about them:

“We create all natural beard oils and beard wax in small batches to ensure quality. While this process does take quite a bit longer, we do believe that in this case, “The juice is worth the squeeze”. We’re a small town, Texas based company that couldn’t find a beard care product that we liked so we decided to make our own! Hungry Wolf Beard Company is more than a name, it’s a way of life, live hungry, and be the Alpha, all while having a great looking, feeling, and smelling beard. HOWL!”

Not only are their products the absolute tits (we will get to that in a minute)! But, we also get a kick out of following them on social media. How could you not laugh at winners like this:

This “mom and pop” shop consists of bad ass-bearded Russell and his beautiful wife, Chrissy. When Russell couldn’t find beard products that he really enjoyed they decided to make their own. Let us tell you, they have created a really something special. As much as we both hate to admit and are sorry to say, we haven’t tried their wax. However, that is simply because neither of us really have a need for it. But we are both digging the shit out of the beard oil. We tried three scents:

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .


By far, one of my favorite beard products that has ever graced this handsome face of mine. The consistency is fan-fucking-tastic. I (The Wife) hates cleaning up the oil droplets that I inevitably drip along the counter top from too runny beard products.  Hungry Wolf Beard Company oils are a thick enough consistency that I can drop it directly into the beard without worrying about dicking up my shirt or counter or drop it directly onto my beard brush to comb through. It is also obviously liquidy (yes, men can use the word liquidy) enough to easily comb through the rough and tumble man beard I have worked so hard to cultivate.

The thing that I truly dig the shit out of is that the scent is not too overpowering. I brush it through, notice how fucking great I smell, and then go on about my day. During a high wind (or while blasting the AC unit in the car) I can get a whiff here and there. But it isn’t so potently overwhelming that I am sick of it by the end of the day and ready to rinse it out. Plus, The Wife loves the scents on me and is constantly cuddling up on the couch trying to scent me out. Don’t get me wrong, what kind of husband would I be if I didn’t love having my hot wife trying to climb in my lap? Fellas….let me tell you….do you know what true love is? True love is not shoving her ass (as fine as it is) onto the floor because she is trying to cuddle when it is Satan’s asshole hot outside.

That being said, Hungry Wolf Beard Company knows how to treat a dude right. Perfect consistency, non-overpowering masculine scents, plus it moisturizes the beard and makes it look healthy without looking ridiculously shiny. I can honestly say, for the first time in a long time I actually liked all three scents and switch it up regularly. Hungry Wolf Beard Company and their products are definitely a win in my book. Go check them out….NOW!

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .



No, just kidding. However, I am in love with their products. Ladies, focus up, it’s not just for dudes!

I was messaging Hungry Wolf Beard Company about the products soon after we got them about how great they smell and how much we adored them already. Russell was kind enough to tell me how he and Chrissy use it as a moisturizer, use it on tattoos, and even in their one year old son’s hair. Well, of course I had to test all of those options.

I have naturally wavy hair and have used wax, pomade, hair spray, and gels in the past to keep my unruly waves and curls in check. Most products give me those “crispy” waves that I hate with a passion of a thousand fiery suns. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Total game changer, I will never look back.

Poor Husband, as soon as I smelled the different scents it was game over. As much as I love the Muddy Waters and The OG on him, I steal them for myself. He still uses them occasionally but I am in love with them and it’s funny how they smell the same but different on each of us at the same time. For example. when The Husband wears Muddy Waters I definitely get more of the tobacco and bourbon scent, but on me it seems heavily coffee scented (which is probably why it’s my favorite).

We also started using them on our tattoos after Russell made the suggestion and they have never looked better. I love these oils because they actually soak in and moisturize instead of leaving something akin to an oil slick on top of your skin so when I am feeling fancy I will use it in place of lotion. Five out of five stars from me! We will definitely be purchasing again (and soon)!

Now that you got our run down, do yourselves a favor and keep on scrolling. We adored the products so much that I asked them if we could also do a spotlight to give a little more insight into this adorable couple, their amazing products, and their growing company. So read on, learn more about them, and then do yourself a favor and give them a follow on social media. You will not be disappointed!

Seriously, how precious is this little HWBC family?!

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A V O R I T E :

1. Local restaurant: Jaliscos Tex-Mex but Chinese Dragon is basically a tie. 
2. Local business: HEB? 
3. Pandora/Spotify station: HWBCompany radio station on Spotify! 
4. Meal to cook: Smoked Brisket 
5. Beer/Cocktail: Lonestar Beer/Old Fashion cocktail
6. Place to vacation: Cruise to anywhere! Love carnival cruises. 
7. Color or medium to work with: Black
8. Instagram account(s) to follow: Hungry Wolf Beard Company (business) / TuckHWBC (personal) you’re welcome to follow both! Just be prepared to see a bunch of my son on the personal! 
9. TV show: anything on the history channel, The Ranch on Netflix, Hard Knocks 
10. Thing about Texas: That we used to be our own Country! 


T H I S   O R   T H A T :

1. Brunch or Dinner? Breakfast for dinner! 
2. Night in or night out? Night in
3. Beard or clean shaven? Haha Beard please
4. Dogs or cats? Dogs
5. Summer or Winter? Summer
6. Call or text? Text 
7. Vacation or staycation? Vacation
8. Coffee or tea? Yes! 
9. Center of attention or people watcher? Center of attention
10. Herbivore or Carnivore? Carnivore


A B O U T   Y O U :

Are you a native Texan? If not, how did you end up in Texas?

Yep born and raised Bastrop Texas! Several generation, my Grandmother is a Daughter of the Republic of Texas 

What city do you live in? (or area!) Married? Pets?

Bastrop. Happily married with a 14 month old son, Tyson-Dane (affectionately nicknamed T-D) and 3 dogs and 1 cat.

What artist/band would you love to see in concert?

That I haven’t already seen…?? Chris Stapleton, small venue only though, no auditoriums for me. 

What is your ideal weekend like?

Lots of time with the family, a smoker going with all the meats on it, near water.

How did you get started creating beard products?

Couldn’t find anything in the stores that I liked so I made my own, wasn’t started as a business but enough friends started using it and posting about it and HWBC was born, (if you’re good at something never do it for free!) 

What was the first product you developed?

“The OG” beard oil.  

When did you start your shop and how have you evolved since?

Late 2016/early 2017 we have grown and become more efficient for sure, becoming the unofficial OFFICIAL Beard Brand Of the Texas Music Scene has been a huge evolution for us. 

How did you come up with your name?

Haha a drunk night at a bachelor party, some guy on the dance floor was trying to start trouble and I told him he didn’t have to worry about me, it was the 15 Hungry ass wolves behind me he needed to watch out for… and boom the hungry wolves were born. Not many people know that… 

Where do you do your creating? What is your workspace like?

In our home, all great businesses start in the garage! 

Where do you look for inspiration?

Ideas from musicians, and through trial and error, if I like it I make it, if my wife likes it WE sell it! Haha 

Are you currently working on any new products?

Always evolving and tinkering with scent combinations, wanting to get into the tattoo care line soon, and shampoo and beard wash is a natural next step. 

Do you have a favorite product? Or does any product mean more to you than others?

I like em all. The OG has a special spot in my heart bc it was the first product.

What is your favorite part of running your own business? 

The grind. I had no idea how hard it would be but I absolutely love it. 

Any weird talents, fun facts, or helpful tips you want readers to know about you?

I am strangely good at the frisbee game Kan Jam! And I can smoke some mean BBQ. And I am also a High School Teacher and Varsity Football Coach in Bastrop.  —  @HungryWolfBeardCompany  —  HWBC on FB