SHOP TEXAS: Men’s Jewelry


Well, The Husbands birthday is around the corner and although I cannot tell you what I got him since he still has to wait – we were reminiscing about his last birthday. Last year I finally upgraded his James Avery ring I gave him on our first Valentine’s Day. It had a good long run though, he wore it every day for 12 years and he was way rough on it. Poor little thing was scratched to hell, thinned out, and misshapen. So, I surprised him with a Molon labe ring to replace it and man, does he love it.

For the longest time The Husband did not wear jewelry because he has a metal allergy so everything has to be hypoallergenic and even then it can be iffy. Necklaces are difficult now because of his lumberjack beard. He used to wear a bracelet but eventually that got forgotten about and shoved into the nightstand drawer never to see the light of day again. The only jewelry that is part of his EDC (Every Day Carry) are his wedding ring, the Molon labe ring, and his massive 1.5 lbs mega watch.

However, I am thinking that I need to try to find a necklace he likes and doesn’t get trapped in his beard. Either way, we sat down last night and found lots of cool stuff that got The Husband’s nod of approval so we decided we would share. Enjoy!

Blue Corner Creasigns – based out of Katy

Modern Out – based out of  Marshall

Hyo Silver – based out of Bandera

MoxZMetal – based out of Austin

Antler Rings – based out of Austin

KSL Leather Factory – based out of Texas City

Backyard Silversmiths – based out of Abbott

Teals Prairie Co. – based out of Houston


*PHOTO CREDIT: All photos taken directly from shop website.





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