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So, the current thing I am noticing everyone is all about is succulents and cute indoor flora. My pinterest boards are FILLED to the brim of cute planters, succulents, and cacti. I even own a few and have them strategically placed in window sills and on side tables. I adore them! I have trouble keeping everything but my cacti alive, but I love them. Plus, I saw in some article somewhere that keeping indoor plants is beneficial to your health and comfort. So next time we are out somewhere and I run up to succulents like a child squealing “I can haz it?” and the husband rolls his eyes and chuffs, I can tell him it’s for his health benefit! Here are the perks of keeping indoor plants per Google:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide levels.
  • Increasing humidity.
  • Reducing levels of certain pollutants (such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide).
  • Reducing airborne dust levels.
  • Keeping air temperatures down.

So I thought I would share my current favorite planters I have stumbled across in my journey to flora-fy our place.

Fortitude Provisions – based out of Austin

Freckled Pottery – based out of Denton

Moulton – based out of Austin

RhynoClayworks – based out of Austin

LemonGlaze – based out of North Texas

Brown Wood Craft – based out of Fort Worth

Kailo Chic – based out of Austin

LuxeDistrict – based out of Dallas

Cowgirl Utopia – based out of Goldthwaite

McCheeks Mayhem – based out of Houston

OR – if you are anything like me and struggle keeping them alive (much to the chagrin of the husband) or you are too busy to worry about keeping things alive but love the idea or look of succulents – I found a few extra low maintenance flora options for you too!

LemonMadeShop – based out of Austin

Gracie Klumpp – based out of San Antonio

Alli K Design – based out of Dallas

Leah Duncan – based out of Austin

Fab Felt Designs Co – based out of Houston

*Photo Credit: All pictures taken directly from retailers websites

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